What you might find here

A collection of things that interest me. Things that strike me as beautiful; visually, sonically or otherwise. It might be something I'm proud of, but want to share away from social media (which I'm not very good at). At it's most simple, this is a place for me to share my work away from likes, comments and algorithms.

I love dogs and beaches, sunrises and sunsets. Foggy mornings and golden glows. Music that surprises me.
I love the quiet of nature; the way the light pours through the trees, how the waves create new shapes each and every time they break.

Photographs are like small treasures - little gifts that have the ability to transport us back to our most savoured moments in the blink of an eye. And music has the ability to both take us back to a specific moment, as well as grow and evolve right alongside us. Kinda magic, right?

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